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by Manishii

                                      '' SHE CONSERVED TIME IN THE FORM OF TRADITION, YET SHE STAYED RELEVANT ''


The essence of this collection is inspired by Victorian artist "WIlliam Morris" where we re imagined a dialogue of his aesthetic in color and print to our traditional silhouettes. The timeless color story ascends from black to white to pastel neutrals and the fabric ranges from weightless georgettes, tulle, Chanderi to Organza.Our fourth generation craftsman has worked for more then hundred hours on these meticulously hand embroidered garments to create an heirloom for you. 

Prémya by Manishii NYFW SS23 22.jpg

New York Fashion Week 

This collection is inspired from Lilith (Adam's first wife ) and supposedly the primordial she-demon. Lilith is cited as having been "banished" from the Garden of Eden for not complying with and obeying Adam. The collection desends from her journey from being a bride to her final angelic retribution . Each look is hand crafted by our skilled artisans in our plight to slow fashion with colors ascending from ivory to black to pink to rhinestone silver depicting her journey in finding herself  


Timeless Hues 

Festive  Edit 
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